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a whites tree frog sitting on a branch. photo by ShinyRedPanda

Whites tree frog 2
How to Set Up White's Tree Frogs

How to Set Up White's Tree Frogs



tank-20 gallon tall,works for 4 babies


age-5-8 years,maybe 11.sometimes even 22 years

habitat-rain forest


easy to take care,not like the other frogs that are hard to take care like red-eyed tree frog.

this frog will sit up on you need a tall terrarium.not like most frogs,these frogs are active in the day and in night.because they are from a hot country´´Australia´´ they dont need to be wet all the time.

should be feed 3 times,then skip one day and then feed it again and continue this!but some people feed them 3 times per week,and thats not good for the frog!just remember that this information about feeding is about an adult!

before adding in the water bowl and stuff like that,make sure you wash it in hot water and then wash your hands.

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